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2D LED Replacement Lighting

CMS source from a range of quality 2D LED replacement lamps which replace traditional 2D fluorescent lights These lamps are particularly suited for commercial and domestic applications where long life and reliability is of prime importance.

These LED lamps are available are a direct replacement for the florescent 2D's with the 14W 2D LED replacing the 28W plus the ballast which takes it to c 35W.

These lamps are directional so do give out an excellent bright light and will save over 60% in electricity costs over the traditional fluorescent 2D compact.

The extremely long life of 50000 hours makes them ideally suited to installations where low failures and low maintenance is important.

Particularly suited to apartment blocks where communal areas require 24/7 lighting.

CMS either retrofit 2D LED lights into existing fittings or provide a completely new fitting as require, diffusers and all..